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She would flirt outrageously with him. But when he asked her out, she said no. It was pretty pathetic. The relationship hit the headlines in August , and Carling and his new wife separated the following month. She had little in common with the unmarried physician, but love was blind.

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He cared so much for other people, and that resonated with her. Diana took to wearing some form of camouflage when she and Khan ventured out, often a wig designed by her hairdresser.

She dined with her boyfriend in an anonymous fish-and-chip shop near his flat. In November the media caught on; Di let it be known that the idea of a romance with Khan was laughable. Khan felt that her denial rather debased him and their relationship.

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She was, after all, divorced and entitled to admit to a relationship with a new man. With a weary inevitability, the couple drifted apart…. Every woman in the world could see that she was having great sex.


Generous and lethargic, Dodi was known for his beautiful manners. Like his father, Dodi lived a life of exaggerated security, surrounding himself with surveillance cameras and bodyguards. He and his father carried their precautions to such an extreme that before they had a meal, they had their plates wiped with lime to detect arsenic.

Diana confided to Father Frank Gelli, her parish priest, that she was in love with Dodi and asked whether she could marry a Muslim in the Church of England. At the same time, she shrugged off the liaison to friends who were dubious about Dodi. Diana, by turns needy and demanding, was now with a man who had all the time in the world for her. She felt alone and in need of protection—I often feel like that.

Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton

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The talents, joys, dreams, and magical potentials that are lying within. To schedule a Personal Consultation with Andrew, for an update on location and availability, or if you have any particular questions or requirements prior to scheduling a consultation please email: andrew astroquo.

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Register for the workshop and pay with PayPal. We had a wonderful workshop with Andrew on the Saturday and his talk was also well-received.

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In fact our members would like to have him back for another one in September or October This just might work out for Andrew as well. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Posted on June 16, September 15, by Anne Massey. Andrew Morton will be available for Private Consultations during his visit in Vancouver If you would like to know in more depth about what might be happening in your life at this time, where you might be heading, or if you have any particular questions that you would wish to be addressed then please feel welcome to schedule a confidential reading with Andrew.